Kennel Cough

Thursday Obedience

We are aware that there has been a case of kennel cough in a dog attending obedience on a Thursday.

Kennel cough (the common name given to infectious bronchitis in dogs) is caused by various bacteria and viruses. Kennel cough is airborne and highly contagious. It can also be transmitted by bacteria spread by sharing toys or water bowls.

Because the affected dog attended obedience last week (Thursday 25th August), it may have been incubating kennel cough and therefore infectious. All dogs attending on a Thursday may be at risk of infection.

If your dog displays any of the signs of kennel cough listed below, please could you let Gill or Leanne know. Do not bring your dog to training if you believe it is suffering from kennel cough.

Gill (Thursday Puppy and Top)
Leanne (Thursday Middle)

General Symptoms

Keep a look out for the following general symptoms of Kennel Cough:

  • A harsh cough – which will often result in a dog fetching up a frothy discharge after coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Runny eyes
  • General lethargy

Whilst some dogs will suffer the full symptoms, many others may only cough once – or not at all – these dogs will still carry the virus. If you suspect that your dog may have Kennel Cough, or you have been in contact with a dog who has the virus please DO NOT attend training. If your dog has Kennel Cough please do not attend training until 21 days after your dog has last coughed.

Our competing members should already be aware this is also the Kennel Club ruling that you agree to when entering a show.

There are many strains of Kennel Cough and even if your dog is vaccinated against Kennel Cough it will not be covered against all strains of the virus.

For further advice on Kennel Cough, please contact your vet.

Obedience Pre-Paid Classes

If anyone is unable to attend training due to their dog having Kennel Cough or having come into contact with a dog with Kennel Cough, please let us know as soon as possible using the email addresses given above or posting on our Facebook page. Any pre-paid weeks will roll over, if you let us know in advance.


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