Autumn Term: Changes to Classes

17th September

Below are the classes for the Autumn term – please note some people have moved classes.

Could those in Classes 1 and please arrive early (as close to 6.15pm as possible) to set up the equipment so we can start on time or early.

The next block payment is £27.50 and is due 24th September (the 17th is a credit for the session cancelled last term).

1st Session 6.40pm – 7.30pm
Class 1
Blyth Plank
Louise Steve
Paige Lottie
Sharon Xander
Tilly Milo
Class 4
Carol Sky
Dawn Jed
Ian Boris
John Poppy
Julie Axl
Lucy Lola
Steve Noodles
2nd Session 7.40pm – 8.30pm
Class 2
Dawn Nellie-May
Elaine Tem
Jean Zara
Linsey Penny
Vicky Chip
Class 5
Annette Dexter
Belinda Archie
Darren Nala
Emma Lawrence
Fiona Tia
Jane Henley
Sharon Fly
3rd Session 8.40pm – 9.30pm
Class 3
Diane Tucker
Hannah Sylvie
Hannah Poppy
Helen Bella
John Brooke
Sandra Bailey
Class 6
Darren Blake
Dave Syd/Eric
David Skye
Fiona Harry/Elmo
Martin Travis
Owen Meme
Sandra Lexi

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