Spring Term: Class List

Please check the class list below to find out your class for January 2020. We expect to return on 14th January, but we will confirm this nearer the time.

1st Session 6.40pm – 7.30pmClass 1Class 4

Blyth Plank
Jackie Luna/Pippa
Louise Steve
Mike Betsy
Nick TBC
Sandra Elsa
Sharon Xander
Carol Sky
Diane Tucker
Hannah Sylvie
Ian Boris
Jessica Bismark
Julie Axl
Lucy Lola
Steve Noodle

2nd Session 7.40pm – 8.30pmClass 2Class 5

Dave Jack
Elaine Tem
Jean Zara
Mary Flo
Sabrina Bonzo
Vicky Chip
Amanda Inca
Annette Dexter
Belinda Archie
Darren Nala
David Skye
Fiona Tia
Jane Henley
Sharon Fly

3rd Session 8.40pm – 9.30pmClass 3Class 6

Alex Brandon
Dawn Nellie-May
Hannah Poppy
Helen Bella
John Brooke
Linsey Penny
Sandra Bailey
Sandra Nancy
Tilly Milo
Darren Blake
Dave Syd/Eric
Emma Lawrence
Fiona Harry/Elmo
Martin Travis
Mary Ella
Owen Meme
Sandra Lexi

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