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Coronavirus Advice

All members are recommended to follow the advice given out by Public Health England for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus.
Specifically in relation to training we advise all members to wash their hands thoroughly before coming to training and again after training (either at the venue or as soon as you get home).
Please do not come to training if you or any member of your household is unwell with symptoms of cold or flu.
You may also be aware that there has been a single report of a dog that tested weakly positive for the virus, the owner had tested positive. With this in mind we would advise you not to feed any dog but your own.

Toilets are located to the right after entering through the narrow door between the white building and the metal shutters from outside. The toilets are through the door at the bottom of the ramp with rails. There are also some sinks for handwashing outside of the toilet entrance.

wash your hands, use a tissue for coughs, avoid touching your face


Annual General Meeting

7.30pm Monday 17th February 2020
Bird in Hand Pub, Bedford Road, Lower Stondon, Henlow, SG16 6DZ

Please see the letter below.

You must be a fully paid up member to vote at the AGM and have attended at least eight training sessions within the past year.

Items for the Agenda

If you would like a matter included in the AGM Agenda, please send it to the Secretary in writing, not later than 14 days prior to the AGM.

Nomination to the Committee

There are three positions vacant on the Committee along with the position of Treasurer. Three current Committee Members are standing for re-election along with the current Treasurer.

If you would be interested in being more actively involved in the club, one way is to join the Committee. The Committee holds meetings approximately five times a year and its members are involved in making decisions to promote and improve the Club.

To be nominated for a position on the Committee you must have been a member of the club for at least one year and have attended training sessions on a regular basis throughout the year.

If you would like to be nominated for a position on the Committee, please fill in a Nomination form (below), proposed and seconded, including the signature of the person proposed. Forms can be sent to the Club Secretary at the address at the top of the letter not later than 14 days prior to the AGM.

AGM Letter 2020

Nomination Form 2020

2019 AGM Minutes

Annual Membership Due

Spring Term

Agility training resumes on 14th January. Please see the previous post (20/12/19) for the current class lists. This block is up until 7th April.

The training fee is £35.00 per dog for the block plus the annual membership fee detailed below.

Annual Membership

The annual membership fee is £12.00 per adult handler and £6.00 per handler under 18. Please show an Instructor or a Committee member your dog’s vaccination certificate and also the vaccination certificates of any other dogs you bring to the training venue.

Membership renewal for 2020 can only be accepted on the completion of a 2020 Membership form, proof of ongoing vaccination and the full payment of the annual membership fee per handler. The annual membership fee must be paid before 31st January.

Membership Form

Below is a Membership Renewal form for 2020. The form can be filled in on your computer before printing. If the form does not display correctly in your browser, please press the ‘Open With Acrobat Viewer’ button at the top to open in a separate reader.

Paper copies of the Membership form will also be available from the club but completing a form in advance will save time at training.

Email News

The tick-box underneath the email address form field allows us to subscribe you to send you email updates about training cancellations and forthcoming events. Tick this by clicking on the box if you are filling in the form using your computer. You can leave this mailing list at any time.

We would like to encourage all members to do this, since it is the easiest way we have of informing members of training cancellations.

Emergency Details

We collect emergency contact details and any medical conditions or allergies you think we should be aware of in the event of a medical emergency.

Filling in this section is optional.

The contact name, phone number and the details as given of any medical conditions or allergies will also be stored in an online database accessible by Instructors and Committee Members only.

Data Protection Policy

Page 2 of the membership form is our data protection policy. By signing the membership form, members consent to their details being stored as stated in the policy.

Club Rules

By signing your membership form, you agree to abide by our Club Rules. A copy is included below.

Code of Conduct

By signing your membership form, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct. A copy is included below.

Membership Form 2020

Club Rules

Code of Conduct

Spring Term: Class List

Please check the class list below to find out your class for January 2020. We expect to return on 14th January, but we will confirm this nearer the time.

1st Session 6.40pm – 7.30pmClass 1Class 4

Blyth Plank
Jackie Luna/Pippa
Louise Steve
Mike Betsy
Nick TBC
Sandra Elsa
Sharon Xander
Carol Sky
Diane Tucker
Hannah Sylvie
Ian Boris
Jessica Bismark
Julie Axl
Lucy Lola
Steve Noodle

2nd Session 7.40pm – 8.30pmClass 2Class 5

Dave Jack
Elaine Tem
Jean Zara
Mary Flo
Sabrina Bonzo
Vicky Chip
Amanda Inca
Annette Dexter
Belinda Archie
Darren Nala
David Skye
Fiona Tia
Jane Henley
Sharon Fly

3rd Session 8.40pm – 9.30pmClass 3Class 6

Alex Brandon
Dawn Nellie-May
Hannah Poppy
Helen Bella
John Brooke
Linsey Penny
Sandra Bailey
Sandra Nancy
Tilly Milo
Darren Blake
Dave Syd/Eric
Emma Lawrence
Fiona Harry/Elmo
Martin Travis
Mary Ella
Owen Meme
Sandra Lexi

Help Needed: Jump Cup Alterations

9.00am Saturday 23rd November

Can you spare a few hours to help us?
The jumping height regulation is changing from 1st January 2020. To enable us to train at the new heights we need to reposition the cups on all the wings.
There will be a lot of screwing involved!!! Each wing has five cups and we have sixty wings.
We will be at Shuttleworth from 9.00am. Any help you or a family member can give will be much appreciated.
Refreshments will be provided.

Kennel Cough

We are aware of an outbreak of the Kennel Cough virus in the Wellingborough area, which may affect those who attended the Inter Club Match at the weekend. At this time we are not aware of any case of Kennel Cough in a dog that attended the Match.

General Symptoms

Keep a look out for the following general symptoms of Kennel Cough:

  • A harsh cough – which will often result in a dog fetching up a frothy discharge after coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Runny eyes
  • General lethargy

Whilst some dogs will suffer the full symptoms, many others may only cough once – or not at all – these dogs will still carry the virus. If you suspect that your dog may have Kennel Cough, or you have been in contact with a dog who has the virus please DO NOT attend training. If your dog has Kennel Cough please do not attend training until 21 days after your dog has last coughed.

Our competing members should already be aware this is also the Kennel Club ruling that you agree to when entering a show.

There are many strains of Kennel Cough and even if your dog is vaccinated against Kennel Cough it will not be covered against all strains of the virus.

For further advice on Kennel Cough, please contact your vet.

Agility Training

Could anyone unable to attend training due to their dog having Kennel Cough or having come into contact with a dog with Kennel Cough, please let us know as soon as possible using the email addresses given below or posting on our Facebook page. This will help us plan the lessons.

General email