Agility: Beginners’ Intake – Applications Closed

Thanks to those who applied for a place on the Beginners’ Intake in January. We will contact you in due course about the planned induction and assessment session.

This will be held at our training venue at Old Warden, Bedfordshire. The directions can be found on our website: Agility Directions

We cannot accommodate any further applications for this intake; if you would like to be informed about future beginners’ intakes please subscribe to our Agility Beginners Email Alert Service.




Agility: Places Available for Experienced Dogs

We have places available immediately for dogs who have Competition experience. Dogs must be experienced on all Agility equipment.

We train at an indoor venue in Old Warden, Bedfordshire (3 miles west of Biggleswade).

Dogs must have ongoing annual vaccination and have a good recall. Please be aware that we run two classes concurrently per session – the arena is divided by a plastic mesh fence.

Dogs and handlers will be assessed by Instructors and placed in the appropriate class for their level.

To enquire about Agility training for an experienced dog, please fill in the Enquiry Form on our website.

For more details about Agility training at Letchworth DTC, please refer to our website.

Agility Training

There will be news of a future intake of dogs new to Agility in the near future. Please subscribe to our Email Alert Service to be notified when our new beginners’ intake opens.


Obedience: Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Tests

29th November

Bronze, Silver and Gold tests. The Club is subsidising the hall hire fees for the night, so there will be no fees to pay.

No normal training for those not taking the tests.


Please make sure that you have been given the following paperwork:

  • Description of Exercises (including Responsibility and Care) for the relevant level.
  • Canine Code

Tell the Instructor if you are missing any paperwork.


  • Bronze: Please bring grooming equipment.
  • Silver: Please bring a toy for your dog.
  • Gold: Please bring a mat or bed and a long lead or crate for relaxed isolation.

All need to bring poo bags and treats (treats are not to be carried in the hand or fed during test exercises).

Ensure the dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag or plate – this is required by law even if your lead is attached to a headcollar or harness. The dog’s collar, lead, harness or headcollar must be checked for comfort and safety and be appropriate for the dog under test.


Dogs will have their microchips scanned on the test night. Handlers taking the Bronze test will scan their own dogs, while the Examiner will scan the dogs taking the Silver and Gold tests. To use the scanner: Press the on/off button on the rear of the scanner; “Scanning…” is displayed on the screen on the front of the scanner. Run the scanner over the back of your dog’s neck and shoulders in a zigzag motion. When the microchip is detected, the scanner will bleep and display the microchip number.

By law, the minimum requirements for information on an ID disc or plate are surname of owner, house name/number, street name and postcode. As clarified by the Good Citizen Scheme, it is not acceptable just to have house number and postcode.

Dog identification in the UK

If you have any questions about the test, please email


Agility: Block Payment

The block payment for this term is £30.00. There will be no half-term break. The last training date, the Christmas Party, will be on 12th December.

Paying by block payment works out cheaper than paying weekly. It also secures your dog’s place for the term. There are a large number of people who have registered their interest in Agility training; we need to know the numbers of current attendees in order to be able to plan ahead in order to accommodate new people. For this reason paying weekly will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances by prior arrangement.

Agility: Chiltern Inter Club Match

Sunday 12th November 2017

at Mount Pleasant Equine Centre

Letchworth vs. BATS vs. Milton Keynes vs. Wellingborough

Organised by BATS.

All proceeds donated to charity, Keech Cottage Hospice. Please bring a raffle prize on the day.

Closing date for entries 21st October 2017. Please hand your entry form to your Club Co-ordinator. The Committee have decided to subsidise Match entries for Letchworth Members. If you have already paid, Sandra will refund you.

Show opens at 8.00am – please arrive between 8.00am and 8.30am to help set up the equipment. Judging starts at 9.00am. Ring cards should be collected on the day.

InterClub Match Schedule 2017

About an Agility Match

An Agility Match is a small scale show, where the entry is limited to the members of the participating clubs – in this case Letchworth, BATS, Milton Keynes and Wellingborough.

As with Kennel Club shows, dogs must be registered with the Kennel Club, although we accept pet names on the entry forms. A dog that holds an Agility Certificate is not eligible for a Match.

There will be two rings: Agility and Jumping. Classes are organised by grade, there being several classes for which each dog is eligible.

Dogs are awarded points for each result in their class; the winning club is the one with the highest points tally.

Wellingborough are the current holders of the Inter Club shield.

Agility: Noise During Training

Please could everyone endeavour to keep dog barking to a minimum during training. We understand that it is difficult to stop a dog barking while it is being worked, but we would appreciate if you could prevent your dog from barking while waiting your turn. It is difficult for people to hear instructions from their Instructor over dogs barking.

We have some water spray bottles available to assist with controlling barking. You can also distract your dog by physically turning its head away from the source of the excitement (usually another dog working) using treats or a (silent) toy.