Agility: Ring Parties

Thank you to those who helped on the ring at BATS on Sunday. Providing a ring party at a show is important because the arrangement is reciprocal: other clubs provide ring party at our show. If you’ve never been to a show before and want to help, other experienced members will show you what to do.

Ring Party for Wellingborough

1st – 2nd July

We are providing a ring party for Wellingborough. Please put “Letchworth DTC” in the box in the helping section of the entry form.

Agility: Summer Term

Training will resume on 9th May. There will be no training on 30th May due to half term week.

Summer Term

The next block payment will be £28.00 and will take us up to 25th July. We will then break up for the summer until September.

For this block there will be the following changes of class.

Moving to Class 3 (late session):

  • Annette & Dexter
  • Denise & Mabel

Moving to Class 4 (first session):

  • Grace & Elsie
  • Karen & Bryn

Moving to Class 6 (late session):

  • Karen & Bella

Thank you letter from Luna Animal Rescue

Luna Animal rescue would like to say Thank you for the very kind donation we received at your AGM. We were overwhelmed at the support we have received from Letchworth Dog Training Club in the past year.

We have decided as a charity that the funds you raised will be spent on one of our rescue dogs – Mia. Mia was abandoned in a pound in 2016 and was rescued by Luna. After a short while it became apparent that Mia was suffering from some established fear based aggression. Mia has been working on a one to one basis with a behaviourist to begin resolving her issues. Mia is still a way off being able to be rehomed, but with the funding you have provided we hope that we will achieve this soon.

Many Thanks once again from everyone at Luna Animal Rescue for your support.

Natalie Howe

Founder – Luna Animal Rescue

Agility: Training Day with Rhoda Burdett

Saturday 18th March

Agility Course Walking training day with guest trainer, Rhoda Burdett. Cost £15.00 per session, payable on the day.

Group 1 – 9.00am – 11.00am
Debbie & Loki
James & Filo
Julie & Tyke
Linsey & Penny

Group 2 – 11.30am – 1.30pm
David & Meg
James & Bryn
Kim & Bella
Lorraine & Shep
Mary & Ella

Group 3 – 2.30pm – 4.30pm
Denise & Mabel
Lisa & Kippeun
Owen & Meme
Sandra & Lexy
Steve & Noodles
Trudi & Filo


Agility: Competing

Registering your dog for KC competitions

In order to compete at a Kennel Club agility show, your dog must be registered with the Kennel Club; either on the Breed Register if your dog is a pedigree dog, or the Activity Register if it is a crossbreed or a non-pedigree dog.

To register your dog on the Activity Register, print out and complete Form 5 (link below). The registration fee is £15. The Kennel Club will send you an Activity Registration Certificate – this will include your chosen KC Name for your dog and the dog’s KC number.

Form 5 – Registration of a Dog on the Activity Register


Dogs competing at Small and Medium heights must be measured prior to competing. Measuring sessions take place at most shows. You will need:

  • an Agility Record Book (price £1.50) – these are available at measuring sessions and can also be ordered from The Kennel Club Shop
  • a note of your dog’s KC name, KC number and microchip number (actual registration document is not necessary)
  • the measuring fee of £4

Dogs must be at least 15 months of age to be measured. If you compete at Large height it is not necessary to have the dog measured.

The heights are:
Large: 650mm height hurdles for dogs measuring over 430mm at the withers. Lower Height Option (LHO) of 550mm height hurdles.
Medium: 450mm height hurdles for dogs measuring over 350mm and measuring 430mm or under at the withers. LHO of 350mm height hurdles.
Small: 350mm height hurdles for dogs measuring 350mm or under at the withers. LHO of 250mm height hurdles.

Agility: Ring Party for Spring at Shuttleworth

Saturday 8th April

Letchworth DTC are providing ring party for Spring at Shuttleworth (Linsey is judging). You will only need to help for a couple of hours if we all chip in.

We will be on Ring 4.

This is a great opportunity to help your club even if you or your dog are not ready to compete. Don’t worry if you’ve never been to a show before, other experienced members will show you what to do.

Entry Form