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Training Cancelled

3rd July

Due to the forecast hot weather, tomorrow’s training has been cancelled. You will receive a credit for the next block.


Training Cancelled for 13 February

Due to maintenance work on the arena surface, training for tonight has been cancelled.

Arena Surface

The new floor surface in the arena will cause a problem for long-haired dogs for the next few weeks. The waxiness will cause the surface to stick to the dog’s coat more readily.

To prevent the surface sticking to the dog’s coat you can use grooming spray or a horse product: CanterĀ® Mane and Tail Conditioner spray. Spray your dog’s coat (especially the paws, tail and belly) before training.

Grooming spray is available from most pet shops. CanterĀ® Mane and Tail Conditioner is available from G&M Growers and online:

Mane and Tail spray

Snow and Ice

In case of snow and ice this winter, please check your email for news of any training cancellations. We will also inform you of training cancellations via our Facebook page and this blog. If you have not already subscribed to our email news service, you can do so via the links below.

If you have pre-paid for training in a block, you will be given a week’s credit for the next block in the event of a training cancellation.

If you have pre-paid lessons, they will roll over in the event of a training cancellation. If training is going ahead and there is snow or ice, please do not attempt to use the driveway next to the village hall. It is very slippery in these conditions. Park in the layby opposite the George and Dragon pub or in one of the pub car parks across the road.

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