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Fun Competition Night and Party

6.45pm 20th March

We will be holding a fun competition night and party (following the postponement of the Christmas Party). Please arrive early to help set up the equipment.

There will be a Steeplechase and Helter Skelter in the Jumping end and a Power and Speed at the Agility end.

We will be supplying soft drinks, pizza and nibbles.

There will be a raffle in aid of this year’s charity. Please bring a prize for the raffle.


Agility: Class List for September

22nd September

Autumn term will start on 22nd September. The block payment of £25.00 is due on 29th September and takes us up until Christmas. We hope to have a competition night on 1st December and the Christmas party will be on 8th December before we have our Christmas break. The date training resumes in the New Year is to be advised.

See below for the new class structure: please be aware of the new times for some of the classes.

Class List Sept 2015

Changes to the class times

What are the new times?
Class 2 and Class 4 will train in the first session (6.40pm – 7.30pm)
Class 1 and Class 5 will train in the second session (7.40pm – 8.30pm)
Class 3 and Class 6 will train in the last session (8.40pm – 9.30pm)

Why have the class times changed?
For some time we have struggled to find enough people to set out the equipment at the beginning of training and to put it away at the end. For the first session in particular, setting out the equipment was eating into training time meaning their lessons were cut short. There will also be a new intake in September and therefore new people who have no knowledge of agility and how to set up the equipment. We also hope the new people will benefit from coming early and watching some of Classes 2 and 4.

Why have Classes 4 and 3 moved?
Classes 3 and 4 consist of experienced handlers and each class has sufficient numbers to ensure the equipment will be put out or packed away quickly without losing any training time.

How did these changes come about?
This is an idea from the suggestion box being implemented on a trial basis until Christmas. The opportunity to make suggestions the club could try out for improvement or to address current problems was available to all agility members during June and July.

Will the class times change in future?
The changes to the class times will be reviewed before training resumes in the New Year. Class times may be changed again to suit those who train dogs in multiple classes and to ensure the availability of instructors who need to run their dogs in classes. If this system has not worked, we may also revert to the previous class times.

Why not have dogs divided into classes according to height?
Courses would need to cover dogs in grades 1-7 and those not ready to compete yet. There are also a number of handlers who train several dogs of the same height.

Further discussion and feedback about these changes
Instructors and committee members give up their time freely to do their best to help everybody. Please give these changes a fair chance to work. If you would like to give feedback about these changes at the end of the trial period (Christmas break), please email the committee