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Letchworth DTC Premier Agility Show

30th August – 1st September

The closing date for entries is this Friday 19th July.

There will be an envelope at the club this evening to collect any entries handed in.

Those helping at the show get 1 dog’s entries free and free camping.

Please see http://www.letchworthdtc.org.uk/agil_shows.htm for further details.


Kennel Club Measuring

19th March

There will be Kennel Club Measuring at our training venue on 19th March. Please add your name to the list at the club.

The measurers will be Phyl Spencer and Donna Lewis. If your dog is having its second (or third) measure, please check that neither of them measured your dog previously.

For further information about competing and getting your dog measured for Kennel Club competitions, see this blog post.

Agility: Competing

Registering your dog for KC competitions

In order to compete at a Kennel Club agility show, your dog must be registered with the Kennel Club; either on the Breed Register if your dog is a pedigree dog, or the Activity Register if it is a crossbreed or a non-pedigree dog.

To register your dog on the Activity Register, apply online or print out and complete Form 5 (link below). The registration fee is £15. The Kennel Club will send you an Activity Registration Certificate – this will include your chosen KC Name for your dog and the dog’s KC number.

Form 5 – Registration of a Dog on the Activity Register


Dogs competing at Small and Medium heights must be measured prior to competing. If you compete at Large height it is not necessary to have the dog measured. Dogs who will compete at Intermediate height, when it is introduced in 2020, should be measured during 2019.

You will need:

  • an Agility Record Book (price £1.50) – these are available at measuring sessions and can also be ordered from The Kennel Club Shop
  • a note of your dog’s KC name, KC number and microchip number (actual registration document is not necessary) – these should be filled in into your Agility Record Book
  • the measuring fee of £4

Dogs must be at least 15 months of age to be measured.

The current (2019) heights are:
Large: 650mm height hurdles for dogs measuring over 430mm at the withers. Lower Height Option (LHO) of 550mm height hurdles (also called “standard”).
Medium: 450mm height hurdles for dogs measuring over 350mm and measuring 430mm or under at the withers. LHO of 350mm height hurdles.
Small: 350mm height hurdles for dogs measuring 350mm or under at the withers. LHO of 250mm height hurdles (also called “micro”).

The hurdle heights will change from 1st January 2020 to:
Large: 600mm height hurdles for dogs measuring over 500mm at the withers.
Intermediate: 500mm height hurdles for dogs measuring over 430mm and measuring 500mm or under at the withers.
Medium: 400mm height hurdles for dogs measuring over 350mm and measuring 430mm or under at the withers.
Small: 300mm height hurdles for dogs measuring 350mm or under at the withers.

Intermediate Height Category

Dogs who will compete at the new Intermediate height in 2020 must be measured during 2019. Any dog measured into Intermediate before 1st January 2020 may continue to compete in Large until 1st January 2020.

If any dog competes in Large from 1st January 2020, it will not have the option to be measured into Intermediate in the future.

New dogs competing from 1st January 2020 will be required to undergo the measurement process to determine in what height to compete.

The Lower Height Option categories will remain available until 1st January 2020.

Achievements During 2018

David Anderson is compiling a list of agility members’ achievements for the AGM at the end of February.

You may have got your first straight weave, clear round, won up a grade, qualified for Olympia/Crufts etc.

Please send your achievements to david.a@letchworthdtc.org.uk or add a comment to the post on our Facebook Group. Please follow the format shown below – one achievement per line – e.g.:
David and Skye – first clear round

Agility: Chiltern Inter Club Match

Sunday 11th November 2018

at Mount Pleasant Equine Centre

Letchworth vs. BATS vs. Milton Keynes vs. Wellingborough

Organised by Milton Keynes. Held at our training venue.

All proceeds donated to charity, Animals in Need Northamptonshire. Please bring a raffle prize on the day.

The club will pay for your entry and enter you into the classes on your behalf. We will try to give everyone as many runs as possible (maximum of 4 runs per dog). Please fill in your dog’s grade, height and whether you want lower height option.

  • Closing date for entries handed in at the club is 16th October 2018. There will be an envelope on the table at the club for entries.
  • Email or postal entries to Sandra by 25th October 2018. Email entries to sandra@letchworthdtc.org.uk Please see Facebook or Email news for the address.

Show opens at 8.00am – please arrive between 8.00am and 8.30am to help set up the equipment. Judging starts at 9.00am. Ring cards should be collected on the day.

Inter Club Match Schedule 2018

Inter Club Match Entry PDF Form (can be filled in before printing or emailing)

About an Agility Match

An Agility Match is a small scale show, where the entry is limited to the members of the participating clubs – in this case Letchworth, BATS, Milton Keynes and Wellingborough.

As with Kennel Club shows, dogs must be registered with the Kennel Club, although we accept pet names on the entry forms. A dog that holds an Agility Certificate is not eligible for a Match.

There will be two rings: Agility and Jumping. Classes are organised by grade, there being several classes for which each dog is eligible.

Dogs are awarded points for each result in their class; the winning club is the one with the highest points tally.

Wellingborough are the current holders of the Inter Club shield.

Donation to Huntingdon Rugby Club

Following our successful Agility Show at Huntingdon Racecourse last year, the Club donated £500.00 to Huntingdon Rugby Club (our hosts for the clubhouse, ring and camping areas) to be spent on equipment for their youth teams. They have purchased some banner feather flags for their mini age group teams to make it easier for everyone to find the correct age group.

 banner flags Huntingdon Rugby Club