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Agility Gridwork Training Day with Rhoda Burdett

Saturday 23rd November

We will be holding another agility gridwork training day with guest trainer, Rhoda Burdett. There will be three two-hour sessions of no more than six dogs.

The cost will be £20 per dog.
There will be a list to sign up at the Interclub Match since we need to know who wants to come by 12th November.

Agility: Gridwork Evening

27th June

Next week we will be holding gridwork training at your normal class time. This has been moved due to the cancellation of training on 20th June.

Please bring a silent toy, such as a cage ball, a raggy or a teddy, to be placed at the end of a line (not a squeaky toy).

Gridwork training is beneficial for teaching your dog the mechanics of jumping: improving drive, collection and extension, confidence and efficiency.

Agility: Gridwork and Course Walking Workshops

Sunday 11th December

£15.00 per dog

See below for groups and times. There are 2 spaces still available in the Course Walking Workshop, please contact Sandra Hammond if interested.

Group 1; 9.30am – 11.30am; Grid Workshop
Caroline and Betsy
Carolyn and Buster
Karen and Shadow
Lorraine and Shep
Owen and Meme
Sandra and Lexi

Group 2; 1.15pm – 3.15pm; Course Walking Workshop
Jean and Indi
Kim and Bella
Lisa and Kip
Sharon and Fly
Steve and Noodle

Group 3; 3.30pm – 5.30pm; Course Walking Workshop
Elaine and Pip
Fiona and Tia
Karen and Brodie
Liz and Teal
Sandra and Bond