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Obedience: Car Park Security

We have some concerns about the security of cars in the car park of the Roecroft Centre. Can we request that you park against the wall nearest the church where possible and not by the wall next to the street.


Obedience: Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Tests

29th November

Bronze, Silver and Gold tests. The Club is subsidising the hall hire fees for the night, so there will be no fees to pay.

No normal training for those not taking the tests.


Please make sure that you have been given the following paperwork:

  • Description of Exercises (including Responsibility and Care) for the relevant level.
  • Canine Code

Tell the Instructor if you are missing any paperwork.


  • Bronze: Please bring grooming equipment.
  • Silver: Please bring a toy for your dog.
  • Gold: Please bring a mat or bed and a long lead or crate for relaxed isolation.

All need to bring poo bags and treats (treats are not to be carried in the hand or fed during test exercises).

Ensure the dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag or plate – this is required by law even if your lead is attached to a headcollar or harness. The dog’s collar, lead, harness or headcollar must be checked for comfort and safety and be appropriate for the dog under test.


Dogs will have their microchips scanned on the test night. Handlers taking the Bronze test will scan their own dogs, while the Examiner will scan the dogs taking the Silver and Gold tests. To use the scanner: Press the on/off button on the rear of the scanner; “Scanning…” is displayed on the screen on the front of the scanner. Run the scanner over the back of your dog’s neck and shoulders in a zigzag motion. When the microchip is detected, the scanner will bleep and display the microchip number.

By law, the minimum requirements for information on an ID disc or plate are surname of owner, house name/number, street name and postcode. As clarified by the Good Citizen Scheme, it is not acceptable just to have house number and postcode.

Dog identification in the UK

If you have any questions about the test, please email training@letchworthdtc.org.uk


Obedience: Move to the New Venue

Wednesday 15th February

We will be moving to The Roecroft Centre, Church Road, Stotfold, SG5 4NE from the above date. Regular training will be on Wednesday evenings at the same class times as currently.

If you have pre-paid weeks, these will continue at our new venue. If you cannot make Wednesdays and have pre-paid weeks remaining, please email: webmaster@letchworthdtc.org.uk


From A1(M): Exit at junction 10, signposted Stotfold, Shefford A507. At the motorway roundabout take the first exit A507 towards Stotfold. At the next roundabout turn right, the fourth exit – Norton Road, to Stotfold. At the mini-roundabout turn left on to Baldock Road/High Street. Turn right into Church Road, signposted St Mary’s. The Roecroft Centre is on the right before the left-hand bend.

From Letchworth GC town centre: Follow Norton Way North over the two mini-roundabouts. At the next single mini-roundabout turn right, the third exit, on to Norton Road.  Follow Norton Road for 2 miles until you come to the A507 roundabout. Take the third exit – Norton Road, to Stotfold. At the mini-roundabout turn left on to Baldock Road/High Street. Turn right into Church Road, signposted St Mary’s. The Roecroft Centre is on the right before the left-hand bend.

From Hitchin, Cambridge Road: Turn left at the roundabout on to Stotfold Road. Follow Stotfold Road/Wilbury Hills Road for 2 miles. At the mini-roundabouts; go straight on 2nd exit over the first; and take the 1st exit of the second on to Stotfold Road. Follow Stotfold Road over the next roundabout, signposted (A507) on to Hitchin Road. At the next roundabout take the 2nd exit on to Hitchin Road. At the A507 roundabout take the 2nd exit into Stotfold. At the mini-roundabout go straight on. At the traffic lights go straight on, Regent Street. Take the first right on to Church Road. The Roecroft Centre is the first building after the right-hand bend.


Snow and Ice

In case of snow and ice this winter, please check your email for news of any training cancellations. We will also inform you of training cancellations via our Facebook page.


If you have pre-paid for training in a block, you will be given a week’s credit for the next block in the event of a training cancellation.


If you have pre-paid lessons, you will not lose a week. If training is going ahead and there is snow or ice, please do not attempt to use the driveway next to the village hall. It is very slippery in these conditions. Park in the layby opposite the George and Dragon pub or in one of the pub car parks across the road.

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Annual Membership Due

The annual membership fee is £10.00 per adult handler and £5.00 per handler under 18. Please show an instructor or a committee member your dog’s vaccination certificate and also the vaccination certificates of any other dogs you bring to the training venue.

Membership renewal for 2017 can only be accepted on the completion of a 2017 Membership form, proof of ongoing vaccination and the full payment of the annual membership fee per handler. The annual membership fee must be paid before 31st January.

Membership Form

Below is a Membership Renewal form for 2017. The form can be filled in on your computer before printing. If the form does not display correctly in your browser, please press the ‘Open With Different Viewer’ button at the top to open in a separate reader.

Paper copies of the Membership form will also be available from the club.

Email News

The tick-box underneath the email address form field allows us to subscribe you to send you email updates about training cancellations and forthcoming events. Tick this by clicking on the box if you are filling in the form using your computer. You can leave this mailing list at any time.

We would like to encourage all members to do this, since it is the easiest way we have of informing members of training cancellations.

Emergency Details

We collect emergency contact details and any medical conditions or allergies you think we should be aware of in the event of a medical emergency.

Filling in this section is optional.

The contact name, phone number and the details as given of any medical conditions or allergies will also be stored in an online database accessible by instructors and committee members only.

Code of Conduct

By signing your membership form, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct. A copy is included below.

Membership Form 2017

Club Rules

Code of Conduct