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Agility: Gridwork Evening

27th June

Next week we will be holding gridwork training at your normal class time. This has been moved due to the cancellation of training on 20th June.

Please bring a silent toy, such as a cage ball, a raggy or a teddy, to be placed at the end of a line (not a squeaky toy).

Gridwork training is beneficial for teaching your dog the mechanics of jumping: improving drive, collection and extension, confidence and efficiency.

Agility: Summer Term

Training will resume on 9th May. There will be no training on 30th May due to half term week.

Summer Term

The next block payment will be £28.00 and will take us up to 25th July. We will then break up for the summer until September.

For this block there will be the following changes of class.

Moving to Class 3 (late session):

  • Annette & Dexter
  • Denise & Mabel

Moving to Class 4 (first session):

  • Grace & Elsie
  • Karen & Bryn

Moving to Class 6 (late session):

  • Karen & Bella